Chase Paymentech is a top-notch credit card processor that delivers excellent customer service, reasonable rates and the peace of mind that comes from working with a giant in the financial industry.

Chase Paymentech's pricing is very competitive. Although the swiped and keyed-in percentage rates aren't as low as other services, its per-transaction fees are low and its fee structure is among the best we reviewed. The pricing plan we analyzed charges a single monthly fee and doesn't charge for gateway access or PCI compliance. Although the service doesn't provide free equipment, you can purchase a new or used credit card processing terminal at very affordable prices.

Chase Paymentech will review your current statement and provide you with a cost comparison. If your business grows after you establish your merchant account with Chase Paymentech and you find that you're running a higher volume of cards, you can work with your account representative every six months to review your account to see if you qualify for better pricing based on your changing needs.

Chase Paymentech approves 98 percent of the applications it receives. Once your merchant account is approved, you can expect to accept credit card payments within two days or even in as little as a couple of hours if Chase already handles your banking. Your Chase Paymentech account representative will walk you through the account setup process over the phone. There's no contract with this credit card processing company, and there's no penalty if you choose to cancel your account.

All industry-standard security features are included with your Chase Paymentech account, including address and CVV2 verification, as well as end-to-end encryption. Chase Paymentech uses Authorize and Orbital gateways and is compatible with your existing website or shopping cart. If you need to create or purchase a website or shopping cart, it will recommend a third-party provider to you. Mobile credit card processing is also available to you with your account.

With Chase Paymentech's credit card processing service, you can accept a wide variety of payment types. In addition to accepting all major credit and debit cards, you can also accept payments made with emerging technologies, such as NFC payments like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, as well as EMV smartcards.

You can contact Chase Paymentech by telephone and email for customer support. It assigns an account representative to you who will train you to use your equipment and will be your main point of contact for your customer service needs. Chase Paymentech's website has a wealth of information about credit card processing that you can access, including how-to videos, a sample statement that explains all charges, a complete user manual as well as a condensed version that covers the basics, FAQs and more.

Chase Paymentech Summary:

Chase Paymentech is a top credit card processor that offers good pricing and a dedicated account representative. With this service you'll be able to accept not only all major credit and debit cards, but also payments made with new technologies like NFC and EMV. The company's low monthly fees, accessible support and name recognition make Chase Paymentech a good choice.


Chase Paymentech

This company has some of the lowest overall monthly fees.

It doesn't give you free equipment when you setup your account.

The Verdict:

With competitive pricing and excellent customer service, Chase Paymentech is a great choice for your credit card processing needs.