E-Commerce Exchange is a respectable, full-service credit card processing service. It offers merchant accounts and payment gateway services. It offers merchant accounts and payment gateway services. E-Commerce Exchange has a high approval rating at 99 percent. It has the shortest unacceptable list in the credit card processing industry and it approves many applicants that its competitors would reject. With a merchant account, you will be able to accept credit card payments at your store, online or on the go.

The monthly rates of E-Commerce Exchange are comparable to most in the credit card processing industry. There is usually a $10 gateway fee depending on your business, a $10 statement fee, $15 to $20 monthly minimum and a $0.21-$0.27 transaction fee. The occasional charge back fee is $20 and address verification fee ranges from nothing to $0.02.

The fee for E-Commerce Exchange is zero to $25, when you sign-up directly through the homepage. The fee includes the gateway startup fee and the merchant account application fee.

The application processing period for E-Commerce Exchange is one-to-three days, the usual time frame for most credit card processing services.

The help desk is based on the United States and it is staffed around the clock, every day of the year. Support by telephone or email is free.

E-Commerce Exchange offers a merchant account and a virtual terminal and a payment gateway through Authorize.net services. A shopping cart system is available for free as is recurring billing software. It also costs nothing to set up ACH online check processing and to set up or reprogram point-of-sale equipment.

E-Commerce Exchange offers more than a dozen different models of point-of-sale terminals. It also offers a selection of check scanners.

E Commerce Exchange Summary:

With a merchant account from E-Commerce Exchange, you will be able to accept credit card transactions. When you swipe a card, the system sends an electronic request to the processing network to authorize to capture funds. If the card is valid, it is authorized so you can issue the customer a receipt. Each transaction is stored in a daily batch until you submit a final request at the end of each day to settle the batch. Then, within two or three days, the funds (minus the discount rate that you paid for each transaction) appear in your bank account.


E Commerce Exchange

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The Verdict
: 9.3/10

E-Commerce Exchange offers a rich feature set and competitive pricing.