Selecting a credit card processor can be difficult because so many vendors charge roughly the same fees and many use or FirstData for the payment gateway. In conducting this review we looked for areas in which Gotmerchant is different and stands out.

One difference is that while it uses as a payment gateway, it also offers a private label gateway provided by Network Merchants Inc. In addition, you can use any payment gateway that is compatible with Global Payments, Paymentech, Vital or First Data processing platforms including PlugnPay, Verisign, Intellipay and eProcessingNetwork.

The company also offer a variety of other services such as retail solutions that use PIN Pad terminals, IP based terminals and wireless terminals. Or you can use a computer and process cards with using a card swiper and a approves around 99% of its applicants, which is higher than most companies. There is no application fee.

This service has a monthly statement fee of $10.00, $10.00 for the gateway fee and a transaction cost of 25 cents for internet and retail. Address verification is free. The internet discount rate is 2.19% and the retail discount rate is 1.69%.

There are not set-up fees.

New accounts take one day to set up. provides 24/7 support via telephone, email and fax.

You can go through this vendor's affiliates and a payment gateway with or another payment gateway of your choice. It also provides a virtual terminal. Payments process and clear your account in one-to-three days. Transactions are processed using an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection and the system can provide three digit security code verifications and address verifications.

For brick-and-mortar retail establishments, offers a variety of compatible credit card terminals, including Nurit, Hypercom and Verifone PIN Pads. It also offers services processing checks, gift cards and loyalty cards. Additionally, it can provide computer based POS services with a card reader and printer. There are terminals that the vendor will provide for free and there is an iPhone terminal

Gotmerchant Summary:
7.6/10 can set you up with everything that you need to start processing credit cards or other forms of payments quickly. It offers Yahoo store compatibility and a selection of payment gateways. The service has access to Global, Paymentech, Vital and FirstData processing platforms. There is no setup fee and this service includes a free cash register with integrated credit card processing. You can also get a free imager for check processing. If you want to use a phone authorization service, there is no setup fee for that either. If you want to integrate with QuickBooks, this vendor will give you a free plugin. Every customer has a personal account manager to contact during any phase of the set-up process.

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Approval ratings are high and there's no application fee.

Most costs are in line with the competition but some are a bit higher.

The Verdict
: 7.6/10

Gotmerchant is a perfectly adequate credit card processing service.