Merchant One provides credit card processing services for retailers as well as the restaurant and hospitality industries, business-to-business ventures, eCommerce and mail and phone order businesses. Merchant One has some of the best customer service in the credit card processing industry. Unlike the competition, this service doesn't stick you with any hidden fees or escalating rates. It uses excellent technology to ensure transactions are always fast and secure.

Merchant One has a 98% approval rating. Your account can be set up the same day at no cost to you.

Merchant One has one of the lowest monthly costs, depending on the amount of business you do and the number of charge backs you have. You will pay a $9.95 monthly payment gateway fee, $7.95 Statement fee, a $20.00 monthly minimum (lower than the industry average of $25) and a 2.05% discount rate with a $0.20 transaction fee.

There are no set-up fees associated with starting an account with Merchant One.

Merchant One can set up your account within the same day.

If you have a merchant account with Merchant One, an account manager is assigned to you. Customers who need help outside of business hours can call or send an email at any time. There are help features within the account dashboard so you don't have to worry about searching all over to find answers.

With Merchant One, you can manage all of your transactions from your internet account. All of the features are within an easy-to-use dashboard. You have access to all deposits on the next day, including American Express transactions.

Merchant One services work with point of sale credit card swipers as well as places you can buy things online. If credit cards are involved, this vendor can process the transactions.

Merchant One Summary:

Merchant One has low rates, free account setup and same-day approval. You pay nothing to apply and nothing to set-up your account. Support is accessible 24/7 toll free. Account holders have a designated account manager for assistance. Merchant One equips you with the type of credit card reader appropriate for your business.


Merchant One

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Merchant One delivers outstanding customer service and same-day approval of applications.

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: 8.77/10

Merchant One has affordable rates and 24/7 customer support.