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Flagship Merchant Services is a fine mobile credit card processing service that teams with ROAMpay, a leading supplier of mobile card readers, to offer mobile credit card processing sufficiently impressive to win the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award for mobile payment solutions. All of the attributes that make it a winning credit card processing company apply to its business in phone credit card processing. The application process is all online. The company approves applicants at a rate of 98 percent and it responds to applications quickly – as quickly as 24 hours. Completed transactions are credited to your account within 48 hours. You are not locked into an annual contract.

If customers are walking out of your store because the lines at your cash register are too long it is time to consider mobile payment solutions. If your business takes you to open-air markets, you will increase sales if you can handle phone credit card processing. If you deliver goods to businesses and residences or if you provide professional services to residential clients, then consider applying to Flagship Merchant Services for phone credit card processing using ROAMpay.

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There is no charge to apply. Upon acceptance there is no charge to set up your merchant account. There is a monthly wireless access fee of $7.95. Each transaction costs $0.19 plus a percentage of the transaction. When you swipe the card the fee will not exceed 1.58%. If you key in the card number then the fee ranges from 0.98%-1.98%.

The mobile credit card reader that attaches to the mobile phone is also free so it is easy for you to receive the lower rates for swiped (authorized) transactions.

Hardware & Compatibility

What mobile device do you have? You can process transactions with this service using:

  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch)

ROAM Data supplies the secure card reader that Flagship Merchant Services provides to its mobile phone processing clients. ROAM Data mobile phone card readers have an installed base of more than 400,000 units. The hardware weighs little and plugs into the standard headphone jack of the supported mobile devices. You must turn the volume on the phone to maximum in order for the system to work.

The phone credit card processing device turns a mobile phone into a payment terminal that handles credit cards and debit cards. It also understands how to handle cash sales. If the mobile provider goes down or if you are out of range, it securely stores the transaction information in an offline mode and then uploads it to the payment server when service is available. In return for the convenience of accepting payments while offline, there is of course the risk that the transaction will be declined. If you encounter a challenge, you can telephone for customer support on a toll-free number or submit an online request.

Transaction Features

With this service you can accept payments by American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. You can record cash transactions as well. You can always export all transaction data into your accounting systems. Since the service also records contact information for your customers, you can build a database that enables targeted marketing campaigns. Other conveniences include the ability to send receipts to customer emails and the capability to void or refund a transaction.

ROAMpay through Flagship Merchant Services is all about ease of use. The included features are well thought out and it is simple to set up, use and maintain. The ability to accept every major credit card makes it easy to capture every possible transaction. The fact that you can handle debit and cash transactions along with credit transactions simplifies things by allowing you to use one virtual register for all three types of transactions. By capturing your customer contact details as a byproduct of transaction processing, you can easily perform follow-up marketing campaigns. The building of the customer database is made easy by the fact that if the customer has a published landline, ROAMpay will automatically populate the home address field that corresponds to the landline number. In order to stay light and mobile, you can send receipts via email, which is easier and more secure than lugging a printer along.

The need to void or refund a transaction pops up frequently, so this mobile credit card processing system just handles it without drama. If your mobile access goes down, the system lets you continue to conduct transactions offline if you so choose. The act of swiping a card is also easy. Just slowly swipe the card through the reader with the magnetic strip facing the swipe device’s magnetic strip reader. This system can handle taxes. If your customers want to tip you as part of the transaction, they can easily do so.

This virtual terminal is protected by a password. If somebody finds your phone while you still have unprocessed transactions stored on it, the data remains secure. The system is PCI compliant, which means that it adheres to an information security standard defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council to control credit card fraud. Among the many secure practices associated with PCI compliance there is a prohibition against vendor-supplied default passwords, protection of stored credit card data and a duty to encrypt cardholder data that is transmitted across public networks. The encryption standard for PCI compliance is DES3, also called Triple DES, another name for Triple Data Encryption Algorithm. Triple DES is an extremely powerful encryption method. Vendors in compliance with PCI must also restrict physical access to cardholder data files and maintain regular testing of security processes.

Flagship ROAMpay Summary:

You can use this service with Android or BlackBerry devices as well as iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The transaction fees are competitive. The application process is fast and free, and the approval rate is high. You can use the service on a month-to-month basis with no annual ball-and-chain contract shackled to your ankles. You pay nothing to set up your merchant account. The card swiper that attaches to your mobile phone is free and sports many convenient features. You will be able to accept all major credit cards, plus process debit transactions and record cash transactions. If your mobile connection goes down, you can keep selling and process the transactions later. When we consider the many services that provide mobile payment solutions, Flagship Merchant Services with ROAMpay emerges as best. To get a free personalized price quote call (866) 865-9906.


Flagship ROAMpay Merchant Services

Flagship offers competitive transaction fees and a free mobile card reader. No contract terms, no cancellation fees and no setup fees.

The advertised 0.38% swiped fee applies only to certain debit card transactions.

The Verdict:

Flagship Merchant Services in combination with ROAMpay offer some of the most competitive transaction processing fees without locking you into a contract. To get a personalized quote call (866) 865-9906.