National Bankcard provides credit card processing. You do not have to sign a two-year contract. There are low rates, high security, a wide selection of equipment and great online features.

With a 99% approval rating, most applications are accepted. There is monthly payment gateway fee of $9.00 and a statement fee of $7.95. For internet activity, National Bankcard charges a $0.21 transaction fee and a 1.99% discount rate. For point-of-sale activity, National Bankcard charges a $0.19 transaction fee and a 0.38% - 1.58% discount rate.

There are no start-up costs to speak of. National Bankcard even offers merchants a free credit card terminal and pin pad. Some other processing services offer something similar, but they also have cancellation fees.

National Bankcard can get your account set up on the same day that you apply. There are few credit card processing services that can compare with such speed.

The customer service at National Bankcard is superb. You can reach support with a toll-free number or through email. The support staff is available 24/7.

There are several web-based services provided by National Bankcard including a virtual terminal, payment gateway and shopping cart. Online you can see your account balance, sales volume and any charges that you may have incurred.

National Bankcard has more than 30 different credit card terminals to choose from. The prices range from $75.00 for the most basic model to $750. National Bankcard has wireless terminals as well as smart phone credit card processing equipment: the ROAMpay credit card swiper. The ROAMpay swiper plugs into the audio port of a mobile phone.

National Bankcard Summary:

National Bankcard places a high priority on customer relationships and customer satisfaction. Low rates help National Bankcard be a strong contender in the tough market of credit card processing services. With an outstanding equipment selection, excellent customer service and one of the largest anti-fraud departments in the industry, National Bankcard is a great credit card processing service provider to work with.


National Bankcard

National Bankcard has competitive pricing. It provides free credit card terminals and 24/7 customer support. You can cancel the service without paying a penalty.

This service is limited to the United States.

The Verdict
: 9.5/10

National Bankcard's pricing, excellent security measures and customer service make it one of the best credit card processing services.